About ALIU

ALIU: Where beauty meets craftsmanship.

Welcome to ALIU, a brand born from the heart of Joan Querol. Joan the founder, an accomplished designer from Barcelona with years of experience, founded ALIU in December 2022 as a testament to his journey, his friends, and the profound connections he formed along the way.

The story of ALIU began on Joan's 40th birthday, celebrated with a close-knit group of friends who gave him a plane ticket without a destination. The present led Joan to a transformative experience. In May 2023, he embarked on a month-long backpacking trip to Colombia, a country that captivated his senses.

In Colombia, Joan discovered a world filled with colors, traditions, and artisanal beauty. Inspired and moved by the trip, he decided to leave his job, rent out his home, and come back to Colombia. Once back, he visited various fairs, artisans and villages, absorbing the rich heritage and intricate crafts that Colombia had to offer.

He envisioned creating something unique that combined the essence of Colombian craftsmanship with the Mediterranean spirit of his roots in Barcelona. Thus, ALIU was born. The name ALIU is an anagram of "manUALIdades" (handicrafts in Spanish), symbolizing the seamless blend of traditional Colombian artistry with Mediterranean culture.

At ALIU, every piece is a labor of love, crafted entirely by hand and weaved with unique fibers dyed with natural pigments. Our creations are brought to life in collaboration with talented artisan communities, ensuring that each item tells a story of dedication, heritage, and authenticity.

ALIU is not just a brand; it's a family. A family that includes people who believed in Joan's dream, who started this journey with him, and the artisans who use their hands in every creation. 

Thanks for being part of our story.